Wine School @West Street Vineyard

The Wine School at West Street Vineyard offers a relaxed approach to learning about wine in a unique setting, nowhere else in the country can you learn about wines on a working vineyard.

It doesn’t matter about your level of wine knowledge; our tutors will be able to help you learn more about wine whether it is about  choosing wines in your local supermarket or in a restaurant, or in more depth about a particular country, region or wine style.  Because we are in a restaurant, how to match wines and food is a key part of many of our courses.

Our purpose-built building, overlooking West Street Vineyard and the River Blackwater, is the perfect, relaxed setting for learning everything you need to know about wine.  Sometimes it just helps to get out to look at the vines.

The school will be running a number of courses that are designed to be informative, relaxed and fun - some with specialist guest speakers. We will be offering unique courses in English wines, as well as tasting days suitable for beginners who would like to learn more.

If you love wine and want to find out more about the grape varieties used, how the vines are tended, how wine is made, what makes one wine region distinct from another, then West Street Vineyard is the place to learn. We limit the numbers in our classes so that we can offer a more individual approach.

If you are  a member of a group, or a business wanting to do something different and fun, then why not have a wine tasting at West Street Vineyard especially for your group or company as a stand alone event or before lunch or dinner.  Please contact us to arrange your event.


Saturday Workshop - An Introduction to Wine

Our informal Saturday workshops run at weekends throughout the year. They are interesting, relaxed and ideal for wine-lovers who are looking for a comprehensive overview of the fascinating world...

Wine tasting

For groups of four of more we offer wine tasting throughout the year.  It lasts about an hour and comprises of six English wines. You might learn something about the wine but the emphasis is...

The Loire

The river Loire rises in the Ardéche region in the west of France and flows for 629 miles until it reaches the Bay of Biscay at St Nazaire. As befits such a vast area there are a number of...

Chile and Argentina

Chile is geographically isolated, with the Atacama Desert to the north, the soaring peaks of the Andes to the east and mighty Pacific to the west. In this long thin strip of land where the vineyards...


Italy has just over 1.7 million acres planted under vine. It has 20 official wine regions and there are an estimated 2,000 different grape varieties grown. On this one-evening course we will explore...

An introduction to the wines of East Anglia

The climate in East Anglia, being mostly dry and sunny, is particularly favourable to the production of many award-winning wines. During this two-hour course we will sample a number of the best wines...


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"Wine improves with age. The older I get, the better I like it."