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Wine School

Saturday Workshop - An Introduction to Wine

Saturday Workshop - An Introduction to Wine

Our informal Saturday workshops run at weekends throughout the year. They are interesting, relaxed and ideal for wine-lovers who are looking for a comprehensive overview of the fascinating world of wine.

You will learn to improve your wine-tasting skills and have the opportunity to try wines you may never have considered, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You will come away with a thorough understanding of the grape varieties used to make wine, the regions in which they are produced and how wine is made and stored. You will also learn about food and wine matching. 

We will start at 11.00am with an outline of the day’s events, and an introduction to the tried and trusted, systematic approach to wine tasting. 

The morning session will continue with an exploration of white wine varieties from around the world (6 wines wines) 

Over lunch we will continue to discuss the wines .

In the afternoon session we will look at red wine varieties from around the world (six  wines) before concluding with the storage and ageing potential of wines. There will be time for questions before we finish at 4pm.

The price  is £79 per person  includes all wines,a two course lunch.  At the end of the day you should have a good understanding on what wines you like to drink and why, and so next time you are faced with a  long wine list, or a huge choice of wines made from grapes that are more obscure you have the confidence to try them.

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