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West Street opens as a “restaurant in the vines”

Weeks turned to months, but after what felt like an age of waiting, hoping, looking for guidelines from the powers that be on "Independence Day" and developing a system that we think works for our customers, West Street opened its doors.

We worried about how you would find this new need for distant service. We didn’t want a visit to West Street to be sterile, or our staff - who are always so friendly and smiley - to be strangers through their masks and visors. How would the new menu go down? Would our guests like it? We can only have two chefs in the kitchen in this new world when there are normally 4 or 5.

The challenges of opening were huge. So we risk assessed, moved things around, bought extra cleaning kit, wrote new protocols, put up signage, trained staff, tested menus, risk assed again and then begun to we take bookings. Our initial worries, that nobody would want to leave home, proved wrong and we welcomed back our first guests to West Street after 13 long weeks.....

We believe we have a duty to protect our customers and staff at all times at West Street - a belief that has only become more prevalent in today's world - which is why we are so proud to have been awarded the "We're good to go" certification signifying West Street as a leader in COVID-19 safety standards.

Our new menu of Small plates, nibbles and more is a departure from our pre-COVID world, however, the core elements of our food experience remains the same: fresh & locally sourced produce, cooked fresh to order. We are pleased to say that the feedback we have received so far has been very warm and positive. We still have (reduced) capability inside, but we have set up our “restaurant in the vines”. From the feedback we have had since the weekend it seemed that our guests enjoyed the alfresco experience, something we would love to extend past the COVID crisis. We always have wet weather back up but the new West Street is about outdoor eating where possible. So far, almost everyone has been outdoors, enjoying lunch in the vines at West Street with our new Tapp'd cocktails, beers and a bottle of what could not be more local.

We want to say a huge Thank You for supporting West Street by buying wine during lockdown; it has kept us going - the West Street Rosé has flown out the door as you enjoyed lockdown BBQs - but it is a huge relief to be trading again. We look forward to seeing you soon...

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