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West Street Covid-19 update: 01

West Street hopes that all your family and friends are well. Here is some news from us ...

Wine Sales on Saturdays.

As you may have read, West Street is offering a drive thru wine sale service on Saturday mornings to help pay our wonderful staff and keep moral high in the uncertainty of the Covid-19 crisis. Anyone that is interested I would love to divert you to our wine enquiry form on our wine page.

Online Wine-tasting

On Monday (06.04.20) I did my first ever online wine school chat on facebook live, for those that tuned in live or have watched it since I hope you enjoyed the excuse to open up a bottle of your choosing and have a little fun. I intend to continue the online wine chats in some capacity, please check the facebook page for more details.

Vineyard Maintenance

I am very happy to report that the arduous task of tying down the vines post pruning has been completed. My family and I for our state mandated outdoor exercise have been at the vineyard row after row tying the vines to the trellis to keep them safe from the wind when the fruit arrives.

The Restaurant

As I am sure you have guessed the vineyard for food is closed, despite out efforts to provide at cost food to the village, the model was not sustainable. I would like to use this blog entry to thank those that did order from us, or help in the production / delivery of the food to the vulnerable.

To end

I hope your family and friend's are safe at this uncertain time, my family, the West Street team and I wish you all the best and a happy easter.

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