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West Street Covid-19 update: 02

West Street celebrates its Birthday by thanking key workers

23rd April was our 7th Birthday at West Street Vineyard. To celebrate but to give something back to key workers living in Coggeshall we made pizzas in your wood-fired oven on the terrace so key workers could enjoy Italian style pizza and not have to cook after a busy shift. Our Pizza drive-in worked really well as no one had to get out of their car while they waited for pizza cooked to order to be ready. We fed everyone from supermarket workers to Police officers from firemen to NHS and care workers on the front line… It was a stunning evening and cooking pizza on the terrace reminded us all of the lovely sun-drenched evenings of guests enjoying wine and food on our terrace in the evening sun in past years. Hopefully, those times will return soon.

Thank you very much for supporting West Street Vineyard at this very difficult time. Lots of you are enjoying the rosé in the beautiful weather that we have been enjoying and our award-winning white wines from 2018 are being enjoyed with some delicious seafood from the Essex coast. We will be launching the West Street 2019 in the next few weeks so watch this space. We have been amazed at the support you have all been giving us

The last few weeks have been busy in the vineyard we have finished tying down the vines and the arduous task of weeding between the vines has started – this helps to keep the humidity down which is essential in our never-ending battle against the diseases which impact the quality of the wine. We are also on frost watch but this year we will not light our fires to protect the vulnerable vine shoots since the dense black smoke which provides the vines with frost protection are also an issue for anyone who might have Covid-19 so fingers crossed the temperatures will not drop - so far so good

Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday

To celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday the crew and I made afternoon teas for 30 of our oldest residents in Coggeshall who are all self-isolating

just to lift their spirits and give them all a bit of a treat in these difficult times. It clearly did the trick as a number of them got out their best bone china to celebrate afternoon tea in style!

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Hopefully we will see you all soon. Stay safe xx

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